Danni Sherwood joins the Wallace Correspondence Project as Project Coordinator

Danniella (Danni) Sherwood joins the Wallace Correspondence Project as Project Coordinator, replacing Katrina van Grouw. Danni is an arachnologist with research interests focused primarily on the taxonomy and systematics of the spider family Theraphosidae (tarantulas). Her other interests are in museum specimen curation, digitisation, preservation and collections-based research. She has published over 30 papers on the taxonomy, ecology and reproductive biology of tarantulas. When she’s not busy with WCP duties, Danni will be working on revisions of several Central American theraphosine genera and a variety of other projects on mygalomorph and araneomorph taxa. She will also continue her long-standing voluntary role, curating arachnid specimens at the Natural History Museum, London and undertaking the digitisation of all Opiliones type material held in the museum.

Danni will be working for the project for 5 days per week. She will be responsible for coordinating the work of WCP volunteers, freelancers and the project’s full-time Researcher, quality controlling their transcripts and giving constructive feedback; working on mini biographies of Wallace’s correspondents and the project’s master reference list; obtaining digital scans of Wallace-related manuscripts in institutions worldwide (etc).

Welcome to the team Danni!

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