Important development regarding Wallace's copyright

After about a year of discussing and exploring a variety of different options, ARW's grandsons John and Dick, and myself, George Beccaloni, finally decided how to manage the copyright of ARW's unpublished works (such as his letters and notebooks). This is important to the Wallace Correspondence Project and to all others who would like to publish transcripts, images etc of these manuscripts. On Sunday July 31st 2011 I met up with John and Dick in Lymington and the three of us signed a legal contract in which we agreed the following:-

1) George becomes one of three holders of ARW's copyright (i.e. a co-executor of ARW's Literary Estate),
the other two being John and Dick.

2) John, Richard and George agree to allow the non-commercial publication of ARW's unpublished works by others under the terms and conditions of Creative Commons licence "Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share-Alike 2.0 England and Wales" i.e. Scholars who are interested in ARW's life and work will be able to freely publish ARW's unpublished writings, on condition that the Literary Estate retains any legal rights associated with the works.

3) Proposals to commercially publish ARW's unpublished works will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and must be agreed in writing by a minimum of two of the co-executors of the Literary Estate.

George is the official point of contact for all enquiries relating to ARW's Literary Estate, and he can be contacted by CLICKING HERE.

A more detailed account of the above can be found HERE.

John Wallace, George Beccaloni & Dick WallaceThe current co-executors of ARW's Literary Estate, from left to right: John Wallace, George Beccaloni, and Dick Wallace. Copyright Janet Beccaloni.

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