Major update to Wallace Letters Online

The Wallace Correspondence Project has just released a new version of Wallace Letters Online ( Improvements include:

  • The records of letters and other documents are now sorted by default into date order
  • The "Keyword(s)" search is now an 'AND', rather than an 'OR' search (so a search for "Darwin evolution" will only list records where both of these words occur)
  • There are now basic mini-biographies of hundreds of ARW's correspondents, which should make it easier to interpret the letters
  • Hundreds of new documents and artworks have been added since the last update in November 2014 (including Wallace's Amazon fish drawings and Henry Walter Bates's two Amazon notebooks, which are  filled with beautiful watercolour paintings)

Please see the following news articles for more information:

Please let us know if you come across any problems with the new interface or notice any significant errors in the database records. There are currently *a lot* of errors in the transcripts, but this is to be expected as none of them have been edited and corrected yet. We include them to enable the text of them to be searched and also because reading a transcript is often easier than reading the original handwritten document. High quality error-free annotated transcripts will take the project very many more years to produce!

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