Mini Biographies of Wallace's Correspondents

When the new version of the WCP's online archive of Wallace's manuscripts (i.e.  Wallace Letters Online) is launched in a few weeks time, it will have a new feature which will enable users to look up biographical information about Wallace's correspondents. We started the task of researching and writing mini biographies for Wallace's c.1660 correspondents quite a while ago, but have had little time to devote to this task. Recently we employed Nancy Chillingworth for 24 days in order produce as many mini biographies as she could, and she was able to produce 114, or 4.75 per day. At this rate (which is a very reasonable one) it would therefore take 313 days to produce mini biographies of Wallace's other 1486 correspondents. Checking them at least once would probably require about 170 working days - so the task of writing the remaining biographies and checking all of  them will take at least 483 additional working days - over 2 years of full time employment!

This task is a relatively small one for the project - which gives you some idea of the massive amount of work we are faced with!

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