More about the Harvard interns

Seven undergraduates from Harvard University, USA (Eric Chen, Alyssa Botelho, Alexandra Bradbury, Mary Griffin, Antone Martinho, Will Murphy and Michael Truong) began working for the project today. They will be based in the Reading Room of the NHM's General Library for two weeks transcribing some of the Museum's Wallace correspondence plus his two address books. The students are over in the UK for eight weeks and have funding from the David Rockefeller International Experience Grants Program (DRIEG) []. In weeks 3 - 8 of their trip they will be attending a Harvard Summer Program course called "An exploration of evolutionary biology at Oxford University" [] which is lead by Wallace historian Prof. Andrew Berry [].

Harvard Students 2011

Front row, Left to Right: Mary Griffin, Alyssa Botelho, Alex Bradbury
Back row, Left to Right: Eric Chen, Michael Truong, Antone Martinho, Will Murphy

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