Wallace Letters Online is now live!

Wallace Letters Online (WLO),
the Wallace Correspondence Project's online archive of Wallace's letters, is now live on the Natural History Museum's website - see 
http://www.nhm.ac.uk/research-curation/scientific-resources/collections/library-collections/wallace-letters-online/index.html (a short url is http://www.nhm.ac.uk/wallacelettersonline).

The creation of WLO was a big team effort, involving more than 200 people besides the 'core' team of myself, George Beccaloni (director),
Judith Magee (manager) and Caroline Catchpole (archivist):- dozens of volunteers have helped to transcribe letters, about 100 kind people in libraries and archives around the world have provided information and scans of ARWs correspondence, and a team from the NHM's Interactive Media section spent weeks constructing the Web interface to the database. Although the project still has a lot of work to do with cataloguing and transcribing Wallace's correspondence to a high scholarly standard, the new Web interface will allow users to access all the work that the project has done on the letters to date (WLO will be updated monthly).

For more information about WLO and details about some of the treasures it contains see:



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