Wallace Online is launched!

Historian of Science Dr John van Wyhe (University of Singapore),
officially launched his Wallace Online website today - see http://wallace-online.org/ Wallace Online is the first complete edition of Wallace's published writings (22 books and over 900 articles). It also contains records of manuscript items compiled from several electronic catalogues, which means that these can be conveniently searched using a single interface. Wallace Online's major novelty is that it contains digital scans of most of Wallace's publications and like Darwin Online (http://darwin-online.org.uk/) the transcripts and the scans of these can be viewed either individually or side-by-side.

Next month will see the 'soft launch' of the Wallace Correspondence Project's (http://wallaceletters.info/) database of Wallace's letters - The Correspondence of Alfred Russel Wallace Online. This together with Wallace Online will provide an amazingly complete Wallace resource which will be invaluable for exploring and studying his extraordinary life and work.

For a nice article about the launch of Wallace Online see: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/sep/27/recognition-alfred-russel-wallace-darwin? 

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