Christine Chua joins the Wallace Correspondence Project

Christine was (re-)introduced to Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace when her daughter took a Darwin and Evolution module at the National University of Singapore. She became interested in the work of the Singapore-based Darwin Online project and in 2018 was invited to become an associate editor. After five years of tireless service, during which she transcribed c. 16,000 manuscripts (30,000 text pages), she resigned in November 2023. While volunteering for the project, she also contributed to the Davy Notebooks project, now retired, and she is still helping to transcribe the letters and papers of James Brooke, the first white Rajah of Sarawak for the Brooke Archive project. She also transcribed contemporary reviews of Wallace’s books for Charles Smith's Alfred Russel Wallace Page.

In September 2023, Christine went on a ‘Wallace in Singapore' walking tour, organised by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, and decided that she might be interested in contributing to Wallace Correspondence Project. After exploring the WCP's old online archive, Wallace Letters Online (the new site is Epsilon), she got in touch with the project's Director George Beccaloni and offered to volunteer. George knew about her work and was delighted to add such an experienced transcriber to the project team.

Christine’s main focus will be to transcribe Wallace’s manuscripts. She is excited to get to know Wallace and his life through these documents.

Welcome to the project Christine!

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