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It's been a while since our last blog post, but we have been hard at work over the past few months and have lots of exciting news to share!

On the 28th April 2015 Ruth Benny, the project’s Archivist, gave a talk about the project at The Linnean Society of London,  at a conference titled 'From Cabinet to Internet: Digitising Natural History and Medical Manuscripts'. The conference was a huge success: Ruth was honoured to be asked to speak and thoroughly enjoyed hearing talks from those involved with similar projects to the WCP, as well as meeting those with similar passions in digitising special collections.

We have been preparing for the launch of a new version of our Wallace Letters Online website, which is coming soon! The new site will feature many new exciting things, such as:

• Numerous new letters and manuscript items from the Natural History Museum and other repositories, which have never before been digitised!
• Many hundreds of new transcripts produced by the project's wonderful group of volunteers (we have recently had 30 new recruits to add to our amazing army of transcribers!)
• Two notebooks by the English naturalist and explorer Henry Walter Bates. These are held by the NHM and have been especially digitised by the Library. The notebooks give a fascinating insight into the work of this brilliant man!
• A new feature which provides biographical information about Wallace’s correspondents.
• An improved user interface with a better search facility.

The WCP is also happy to report that once again we will be welcoming a group of 14 students from Harvard University to transcribe letters from the collection. The students, who come to the museum every year, visit us for two weeks in the summer, and do amazing work for the project. Thanks guys & gals!

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