Volunteers Needed!

The Wallace Correspondence Project is looking for dedicated volunteers to help us transcribe letters written by Wallace, as well as letters sent to him from his many correspondents. Ideally we would like volunteers who already have experience of transcribing (sometimes difficult) Victorian handwriting, but enthusiasm and persistence are more important, and we will provide a palaeography guide!

Volunteers can be located anywhere in the World but must have access to the Internet. Alternatively, it might be possible to arrange for volunteers living in London to come in to the Natural History Museum Library Reading Room and work there.

Volunteers will be sent batches of letters as jpg images, and these will need to be transcribed as wordprocessor files following the WCP's transcription policy, and then sent back to us by email. Volunteers will be credited for their work by having their name recorded as the transcriber of a letter in the WCP's database and displayed on the Project's future website.

If you would like to consider volunteering then please contact WCP Archivist Caroline Catchpole at c.catchpole@nhm.ac.uk Please briefly tell Caroline what experience you have of transcribing handwritten documents and also whether or not you would like your name to be listed on our Volunteers page (see left menu bar). Caroline will then send you a fairly challenging letter to transcribe. This will give you a good idea of what the work will involve and whether you are likely to like it or not! It will also enable us to pick up on any problems with your transcription at an early stage - rather than discovering something after you have transcribed lots of letters.



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