Wallace Forum now up and running

I am please to report that thanks to help from Simon Rycroft of the Scratchpad Project team, the WCP's Wallace Forum is now up and running and eager for users (http://wallaceletters.info/forum)!!! The Forum was created both as a venue for volunteer transcribers to discuss problems they might be having trying to decipher difficult handwriting etc, and also for anyone else who wants to talk about any aspect of Wallace's life and work with like minded people.

If you would like to become a user of the Forum then please click on the “Wallace Forum” link at the top right of the screen, and then click the “login” link which will appear above the Forum. You will then need to click on “Create new account” and follow the instructions which you will be given.

We hope that the Forum proves to be popular. Not only is it the World's first Forum dedicated to Wallace, but it might even be the first forum dedicated to any Victorian evolutionist. Even Darwin doesn't seem to have one!!!

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