Go on a trip of a lifetime and help the Wallace Correspondence Project!

Travel to some of the most incredible places that Alfred Russel Wallace visited during his epic 8 year expedition to "the Malay Archipelago".

Snorkel on some of the most biodiverse and pristine reefs left on planet Earth and see the incredible corals, fish and other creatures that scuba divers miss.

Watch Birds of Paradise displaying - you will agree with Wallace that they are some of the “…most beautiful and most wonderful of living things”!

The trips listed below raise much needed funds for the Wallace Correspondence Project, which is unlocking a wealth of new information about Wallace's life and very important scientific work. The Director of the project, Dr George Beccaloni, will be the naturalist guide on these tours, and will lecture on a wide range of subjects related to Wallace and the region's natural history, both terrestrial and marine. George is a zoologist, evolutionary biologist and historian of science, who worked at London’s Natural History Museum for more than 20 years on butterflies and other insects. He is a keen natural history photographer and has visited 'the Malay Archipelago' many times. All of these trips are limited to about 20 guests max.

[The photos on this page were taken by George on past trips, and give you an idea of what you might see! Clicking a link below will take you to a page of information about the trip]

2023 TRIPS [The 200th Anniversary of Wallace's Birth!]:

In the Footsteps of Alfred Wallace (Sorong, New Guinea - Ternate Island), a cruise with New Scientist Magazine, in association with with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures: 23 Jan. - 3 Feb. [FULLY BOOKED]

Rare Species, Remote Cultures & Remarkable Corals (Ternate Island - Bitung, Sulawesi), a cruise with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures: 6 - 19 February

In the Footsteps of Wallace in the Malay Archipelago (Sarawak, Malaysia - Bali, Indonesia), a tour with Jon Baines Tours19 September - 4 October

In Search of Wallace and his Living Treasures (Ternate Island - Sorong, New Guinea), a cruise with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures4 - 15 October

Jewels of Raja Ampat (Sorong, New Guinea - Sorong, New Guinea), a cruise with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures18 - 27 October

George with Wallace's Golden Birdwing butterfly on Bacan Island.ARTICLES ABOUT SOME OF GEORGE'S PREVIOUS TRIPS (A photo of him & Wallace's Golden Birdwing Butterfly is on the left)

A voyage through Indonesia: tropical reefs and fearless free-divers in the eastern isles. National Geographic Traveller. 2020.

In Wallace's footsteps. BBC Wildlife Magazine, 2020.

An evolutionary moment discovering the 'Galapagos of the East'. The Telegraph, 2019.

An Indonesian adventure in the wake of Alfred Russel Wallace. Financial Times, 2019.

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