Michael Barton joins the Wallace Correspondence Project as a freelance Editor/Researcher

Michael D. Barton (right) is an independent historian of science who lives in Portland Oregon, USA. He is interested in all things related to Darwin and evolution, often sharing them through his blog The Dispersal of Darwin. Michael is currently co-editing volume six of The Correspondence of John Tyndall (University of Pittsburgh Press), and will soon begin work on volume ten. As a co-editor, he looks over previously transcribed letters for accuracy, researches contextual information for letter endnotes, and works on the front and end matter for each volume. He previously worked on the Tyndall Correspondence Project as a letter transcriber, when a graduate student. He received both his MA (2010) and BA (2008) in History from Montana State University (Bozeman, MT). His MA paper, “The ‘efficient defender of a fellow-scientific man’: John Tyndall, Darwin, and Preaching Pure Science in Nineteenth-Century America” looked at the physicist Tyndall’s support for Darwin. In 2011, Michael volunteered with the Wallace Correspondence Project (WCP), transcribing a set of letters.

Michael will be working for the WCP on a freelance basis correcting and annotating transcripts for publication in volume 1 of The Correspondence of Alfred Russel Wallace.

Welcome to the team Michael!

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